Spiritual Direction

Sometimes we just feel empty inside and are looking for a deeper meaning in our lives. We long for a deeper connection to people, our animals, the planet, Spirit and within ourselves. We want to live life more consciously and with greater reverence and awareness. We want to honour all that is and the divine spark in all of us. Working with a Spiritual Director can help to navigate the spiritual realm with you. 

What is the difference between Spiritual Direction and Therapy? Spiritual Direction deals with the assumption the person is already whole, but hasn’t yet fully embraced the truth for themselves. In a Spiritual Direction Session there would be a candle, perhaps something involving the four elements, water or an altar. A classic question is ‘Where is God (source, the universe, whatever you choose to name it) in the midst of this experience? We often hear the words Mind, Body, and Spirit, and in a Spiritual Direction Session, our focus is on Spirit. It is about your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Direction, unlike pastoral counseling, always happens in the context of spiritual intimacy. In Psychotherapy clinical distance is crucial to bring about objectivity and healing. In Spiritual Direction, discernment is based upon the intimate engagement of two people walking into the sanctuary of God and embracing how Spirit is showing up in their lives. 

Quite often a yearning for God, or a deeper connection to Spirit, will compel someone to seek out Spiritual Direction. To understand meaning in their life, to gain a sense of discernment to understand where they are going and how to live their life more fully.

Quite often something happens in our lives that brings us to our knees; a death or critical illness of a friend or family member, the loss of a beloved pet, the loss of a job or  bankruptcy, the end of a relationship or marriage, the loss of good health, getting a life changing diagnosis, a car accident and the ensuing fallout,  having a mid-life crises, life transitions (retirement, empty-nester, etc.). Life can come at us pretty fast and throw us some unexpected things we just weren’t ready for. This is typically when we start to ask ourselves the existential questions such as; Why is this happening to me? Is God punishing me? What did I do to deserve this? Is this bad Karma from a past life? We often get thoughts such as; Every time, I’m even a little bit happy, something bad happens to me; I must be cursed or have bad luck.

The benefits of working with a Spiritual Director is helping to foster a sense of inner peace and inner calm, a sense of direction in life and awareness.  Life will always happen, for we are all here to learn our own life lessons and discern our life purpose, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bend and not break, no matter how strong the wind blows, to be able to remain standing among the strongest of storms that tries to uproot us. When we go within and know who we truly are and foster a connection to the Divine, all things are possible!!

My Spiritual Direction Practice

  • Listens
  • Open and non-judgmental
  • Gives Spiritual Guidance
  • Ask questions, challenges, read between the lines
  • Embodies and models spiritual values
  • Helps the Directee to gain clarity on spiritual beliefs
  • Understands synchronicity
  • Works with energy
  • Works with chakras
  • Understands dreams, intuition and all gifts of the spirit
  • Works with angels, guides, masters, etc.
  • Understands psychic defense and protection
  • Assists Directee to examine her/his relationship to God, spiritual beliefs and understanding higher power
  • Facilitates exploration of beliefs about death and life after death
  • Gives journal questions to Directees as their starting point for exploration
  • Understands consciousness, altered states, non-ordinary reality
  • Understands near death experiences, spiritual emergency, dark nights of the soul, multidimensionality
  • Discerns the difference between spirituality and religion
  • Works with religious abuse and spiritual wounding
  • Understands that others can/will have experience of deceased loved ones
  • Works through ‘spooky stuff’ with a Directee who has become frightened – teaches simple methods of protection
  • Prays and or meditates with Directee
  • Conducts guided meditations and/or visualizations
  • Interprets peak experiences
  • Teaches how to create sacred space and altars
  • Encourage clients to connect with Divine in nature, animals, the human body and emotions
  • Understands the feminine and masculine principles and sacred sexuality
  • Can help to understand signs and symbols
  • Understands religious cults and the shadow side of spirituality
  • Can facilitate a Directees search for meaning and higher purpose in their lives
  • Understands and teaches on soul lessons, karma and sacred contracts
  • Can support dying or bereaved Directees
  • Is comfortable with anger at God
  • Works with affirmations
  • Can provide information and guidance on spiritual parenting – raising children with spiritual awareness
  • Supports Directees who want to travel an alternative spiritual path
  • Can differentiate between the dark night of the soul and depression, between spiritual emergency and psychosis
  • Guides Directees into mindfulness and awareness
  • Helps Directees to develop a spiritual practice, which may be prayer, mediation, etc.,
  • Explores with Directees what the Divine is for them
  • Know the difference between soul needs and ego needs
  • Understands and can teach universal law; the law of attraction
  • Feels their own worthiness and the worthiness of others to connect with God – knows the Divine spark within each person and all of life.
  • Can inspire, illuminate and enlighten
  • Has and understands ‘epiphanies and eureka moments’
  • Offers hope and light
  • Follows my own passions and helps others to do the same

To book a free consultation, email Stefanie at stefaniemiljas@gmail.com.

Stefanie Miljas is a Spiritual Director and has completed her program of Spiritual Director & Mentor at Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training in Toronto, Ontario.