About the Book

If you’re like Stefanie and you’ve got yourself a mother-in-law who constantly pokes her nose where it doesn’t belong, wants you out of the picture, would be more than happy to drive you to divorce court and makes Meryl Streep look like an amateur, then you’ve got yourself a mother-in-law from hell – a MOLE! 

Get This Mole (Mother-In-Law From Hell) Off My Back is where Monster-in-law meets The Secret. This book is about ‘feeling’ your way out of mother-in-law hell and putting the focus back onto yourself. It is a pathway filled with insight, inspiration, healing and positive coping strategies for women whose spouse would rather get a root canal done than go to couples therapy. Having walked a mile in her readers’ shoes, this book is a sharing of Stefanie’s journey through her mother-in-law hell and how she was able to find joy, peace and balance in her own life and preserve her marriage, her family and her sanity.


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