Making the Move to Virtual Therapy Sessions

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns has touched everyone in many different ways. Like most of my clients, I have also had to adapt to an ever-changing environment and embrace life’s challenges, obstacles and uncertainty.

When we are faced with change, whether through our own choices, actions by others or by Universal design, we step into the unknown. This can often trigger our deep anxieties and fears and make us yearn for the familiar. One area where I felt anxious and uncertain was moving from in-person sessions to online sessions. I loved seeing my clients in person and in my office and wasn’t quite certain how the transition would go. Being an old school kind of gal, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about not going into my office every day and if I would miss my daily routine. Initially, I would still go to my office and see my clients virtually during the lockdowns. I found that it didn’t take long to develop a new routine and a new normal.

In fact, as the days and weeks progressed, I began to focus less on how things used to be and more on moving forward and looking ahead. I chose to focus on the many benefits, both to my clients and myself, regarding moving my business to a complete virtual therapy model.

Below are some of the benefits of online therapy:

  1. Making therapy accessible for clients with disabilities or who are housebound due to physical or mental issues.
  2. Making therapy accessible for clients who live in remote areas or who don’t have access to transportation.
  3. You can have therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home and often schedule times that are more convenient for you.
  4. You eliminate the travelling time to and from the therapists office.
  5. No more traffic jams or paying for parking.
  6. Therapy costs can be more affordable as overhead is not passed onto the client.
  7. You won’t miss out on your therapy session due to bad weather.

I look forward to our work together and continue to offer telephone sessions as well.